Anglesey Bait Centre is keen to collaborate on projects that give better information to our loyal customers. SEACAMS is a development to integrate research and business in the marine sector in Wales. They are a partnership between Bangor, Swansea and Aberystwyth Universities. They work in many ways to use their extensive resources in gathering data for research in the marine sector. We are working with SEACAMS on an initiative we have called Confident Casting. Confident Casting is designed to be a useful advisory tool on the best sites to fish from the shores of the Menai Strait and Anglesey coastline . The majority of our customers are looking for specialist advice on the best sites to cast their lines and that will maximise their chance of catching. Some have come for a day or weekend and have not fished Anglesey before, others may be experienced. This is under development, so watch this space for news on this exciting project.


An example of data provided by the SeaCams project is shown here.
This video shows the area around Menai Suspension Bridge.
The image below is a 3D representation of a hole
in the Menai straights near Caernarfon
3D representation of a hole in the Menai straights